Steven Wolf Fine Arts San Francisco artwork

To Many Men Strange Fates are Given
Brent Green
September 15 - Oct 20, 2012

Continuing his tradition of applying new technologies to his staunchly DIY, American folk roots, the sculpture To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given is built with deconstructed LCD screens, an elaborate welded steel frame, polarized lenses and sets of delicate machine-milled wooden audio horns, all serving as a platform for a new hand-drawn three-dimensional animation displayed on two layered panels simultaneously, harkening back to the tradition of animating on glass. The animation can only be seen when the viewer looks through the polarized lenses located at three stations on the sculpture; otherwise, Green's film is invisible.

The story centers on the tale of the woman who sewed the spacesuit for Laika, the dog sent into space by the Russians in 1957. Pulsating with the intensity of the artist's own signature narration, the sound track articulates themes of progress and insight, of invention, wonder and faith. To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given demonstrates both the technical and formal progress in Green's artistic journey and reflects the increasing deftness with which he handles humanistic themes in his storytelling, carving out from his self-taught roots a new and sophisticated handmade aesthetic, sustained by a stark political agenda that runs through his lyrically composed allegories.
To Many Men Strange Fates are Given, 2012